15+ Short Braid Styles That Will Make You Try a New Look

Excited to rock some fabulous short braid styles? Just because your locks are shorter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy braiding styles. In fact, braids have grown increasingly trendy for short hair in recent years, offering a fresh and stylish look. Whether you want a cute and casual vibe or something sophisticated, braids can elevate your hairstyle. This detailed guide explores plenty of short braid styles to give you inspiration for your next short hairstyle. From French braids to cornrow styles, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to unleash your inner braiding skills as we dive into the world of short braids and uncover their endless possibilities. Here’s our collection of short braid styles that will make you try new styles!

1. Trendy Updo

Braid the hair into 2-3 smaller braids across the head/crown.

Short Braid Styles

2. Bob with Braids

Braid a section from one side behind the ear across the back of the head.

Short Braid Hairstyles

3. Back View

Braids allow you to play around with short hair and create different textures and styles easily. This gives short hair more visual interest.

Braid Ideas for Short Hair


4. Easy Style

Braids add texture and dimension to short hair that would otherwise look flat or limp. The texture makes short cuts appear fuller and stylish. Braids often mean you don’t have to style short hair daily since it’s already braided into place. This appeals to many modern women.

Cute Braids for Short Hair

5. For Wedding

Braids are interactive and can be customized with accessories like ribbons, beads or stylized parts for extra visual appeal.

Stylish Braids for Short Hair

6. Pink Dutch Braids

Braids tend to give short hairstyles a bit more of an edgy or funky vibe compared to plain cuts. This suits many trendy fashion sensibilities.

Short Dutch Braid Hairstyles

7. Shoulder Length

Short Length Braid Hairstyles

8. Simple Hairstyle

Simple Short Braid Hairstyles

9. Chic Look

Chic Short Braid Hairstyles

10. For Blonde Ladies

Blonde Short Braid Hairstyles

11. Braided Pixie

Short Pixie Braid Hairstyles

12. Cornrow

Short Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

13. Bob Braids

Short Bob Braid Hairstyles

14. With Bangs

Short Braid Hairstyles with Bangs

15. Angled Hair

Short Angled Braid Hairstyles

16. French Style

Short French Braid Hairstyles

Thanks for reading our guide! If you’re looking for more braids for short hair, tap here!

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