Dark Brown Hairstyles with 20 Cute Ideas

Dark brown is one of the most popular and stylish hair colors. Whether your hair is naturally dark brown or you’re considering a switch, this color can make you look so stylish and cute. If you’re looking to style your hair with your hair color, we’ve collected many unique and lovely dark brown hairstyles for you to take inspiration.

In this gallery, we’ve gathered haircuts for different lengths and styles from long bob cut to undercut pixie style. So, you’re definitely going to find the right cut for your taste.

Here are the 20 dark brown hairstyles we’ve covered for you! Scroll down to get inspired!

1. Dark Brown Hairstyle

Dark Brown Hairstyles


2. Short Asymmetrical

Dark Brown Hair

3. Choppy Hairstyle

Brunette Hair

4. Warm Toned

Dark Brown Hair Color


5. Inverted Hair

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

6. Wavy Hair

Dark Brown Wavy Hairstyles-6

7. Pixie Cut

Dark Brown Pixie Hairstyles-7

8. Bob Hairstyle

Dark Brown Bob Hairstyles-8

9. Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate Brown Hairstyles-9

10. New Style

New Dark Brown Hairstyles-10

11. Cute Balayage Idea

Cute Dark Brown Hairstyles-11

12. for Thick Hair

Dark Brown Thick Hairstyles-12

13. Stylish Pixie To Bob Cut

Stylish Dark Brown Hairstyles-13

14. Bun Updo

Dark Brown Bun Hairstyles-14

15. Wedding Hairstyle Idea

Dark Brown Wedding Hairstyles-15

16. with Side Bangs

Dark Brown Hairstyles with Side Bangs-16

17. Undercut Pixie

Dark Brown Undercut Hairstyles-17

18. Mahogany Ombre

Dark Brown Ombre Hairstyles-18

19. with Light Brown Highlights

Dark Brown Hairstyles-19

20. Long Bob

Dark Brown Long Bob Hairstyles-20

Thanks for checking out! Which hair color idea is your favorite? You can give us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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