54 Latest Pixie Cut Styles for Women

Pixie cut styles: one of the most beloved and definitely trendy haircuts for women. Pixie cuts are the great solution for you, especially if you are bored with the same hairstyle for years!

In the hot summer days, long hairstyles make us very uncomfortable and we would like to try something more fresh and new. Since we know this very well, we have put together 54 cool pixie cut ideas. So, you can discover many alternatives to different hair types and face shapes here, and find the inspiration to create a new look for yourself! Come on, scroll down ladies!

1. Pixie Style

Really cute, boyish blonde pixie style for women and young ladies. Especially brave girls should try this one!

Pixie Styles

2. Very Short Pixie Cut Style

Classy and modern look for stylish women. If you have fine and straight hair this will be great choice for you.

Pixie Cut Styles

3. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Short layers on long pixie, one of the most popular haircut! If you are going to try pixie cut for the first time, you can start with such a cut.

Cute Pixie Cuts

4. Best Pixie Cut

Blonde pixie cut with layers. Blonde goes really well with pixie haircuts. If you’re already blonde or considering switching your hair color to blonde, try this cut!

Best Pixie Cuts


5. Cute Pixie Cut for Women

This style is very short brunette pixie hairstyle idea for girls. It’s like a short boy cut with side swept bangs.

Pixie Cuts for Women

6. Short Haircut for Girls

Platinum blonde color is SO popular and they’re trending. If you’re looking for a new hair color, try this color with this style.

Pixie Cut Styles-6

7. Layered Cut

This is a two-tone blonde color style with curls. If your hair is suitable for curls, this cut might be the best for you!

Layered Pixie Cut Styles-7

8. Choppy Pixie Cut

Another platinum blonde pixie haircut. This style has choppy layers and they look very stylish.

Choppy Pixie Cut Styles-8

9. Short Sides

Want to try different colors? Try this pink pixie with undercuts on side. With matching make-up, this style look really classy.

Short Pixie Cut Styles-9

10. Long Pixie Bangs

Short on back, long on front pixie hairstyle with blonde and brown colors. An asymmetrical pixie cut with highlights.

Long Pixie Cut Styles-10

11. Buzz Cut Style

Buzz Cut Pixie Styles-11

12. Short Platinum Blonde Pixie

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut Styles-12

13. Mushroom Pixie

Mushroom Pixie Cut Styles-13

14. Boyish Blonde Short Hair

Boyish Pixie Cut Styles-14

15. Back View

Pixie Cut Styles Back View-15

16. Textured Pixie Style

Textured Pixie Cut Styles-16

17. Dark Red Short Pixie Hairstyle

Dark Red Pixie Cut Styles-17

18. Grey Colored

Grey Pixie Cut Styles-18

19. Brunette Pixie Style

Brunette Pixie Cut Styles-19

20. Pixie Cut for Thick Brown Hair

Thick Brown Hair Pixie Cut Styles-20

21. Black Hair Short Pixie

Black Hair Pixie Cut Styles-21

22. Platinum Blonde Pixie Hair for Black Women

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut Styles-22

23. Short Nape Pixie Style

Short Nape Pixie Cut Styles-23

24. Blonde Pixie Hair with Dark Brown Roots

24.Blonde Pixie Cut Styles-24

25. Messy Style

Messy Pixie Cut Styles-25

26. Too Short Cut

Too Short Pixie Cut Styles-26

27. Thick Straight Hair

Thick Straight Pixie Cut Styles-27

28. Short Hair and Long Bangs

Pixie Cut Styles Long Bangs-28

29. Long Layered Pixie

Long Layered Pixie Cut Styles-29

30. Simple Style Cut

Simple Pixie Cut Styles-30

31. Growing Out Pixie

Growing Out Pixie Cut Styles-31

32. Balayage Blonde Pixie Style

Balayage Blond Pixie Cut Styles-32

33. Short Haircut for Fine Hair

Pixie Cut Styles Fine Hair-33

34. Choppy Layers

Choppy Pixie Cut Styles-34

35. Pixie with Long Layered Bangs

Layered Bangs Pixie Cut Styles-35

36. Buzz Cut Short Pixie Styles

Buzz Cut Pixie Cut Styles-36

37. Cute Short Blonde Hair

Cute Pixie Cut Styles-37

38. Great Summer Hairstyle

Pixie Cut Styles for Summer-38

39. Fine Straight Hair

Fine Straight Hair Pixie Cut Styles-39

40. Side View

Side View Pixie Cut Styles-40

41. Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Pixie Cut Styles for Fine Hair-41

42. Blonde Bangs

Pixie Cut Styles Bangs-42

43. Two Colored

Two Colored Pixie Cut Styles-43

44. Very Short Pixie

Very Short Pixie Cut Styles-44

45. Pixie with Layers

Pixie Cut Styles with Layers-45

46. Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Styles-46

47. Cute Girl Haircut

Cute Girl Pixie Cut Styles-47

48. Back View of A Pixie

Back View Pixie Cut Styles-48

49. Short Stacked Pixie

Stacked Pixie Cut Styles-49

50. Dark Brown Short Pixie

Dark Brown Pixie Cut Styles-50

51. Blonde Pixie with Side Bangs

Pixie Cut Styles with Side Bangs-51

52. Shaved Hair Cut

Shaved Pixie Cut Styles-52

53. Nape Cut

Nape Cut Pixie Cut Styles-53

54. Modern Short Pixie

Modern Pixie Cut Styles-54

Well, ladies gathered here for you great pixie cut styles ideas. If the 54 images here are not enough for you, you can click here for other pixie cut galleries. 🙂

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