50 Best Short Hairstyles for 2020

We have entered a new year, and if you want to have new experiences in this new year, we have excellent suggestions for you. We have listed the best 50 Short Hairstyles for 2020 here for you! Excellent pixie cuts, bob styles, layered short haircuts and more! In this gallery you can find examples that you have never seen before!

1. Short Hairstyle

Blunt blonde bob is one of the latest trend of 2019. So with this haircut and color, you can look really attractive.

Short Hairstyles

2. Short Bob Hairstyle 2020

If you have small and cute face shape, you should try short bob with thin bangs, like this:

Short Hairstyles 2020

3. Pixie Haircut 2019

Cara, looks amazing with her short pixie. and she is one of the best icon with her hairstyles.

Short Layered Haircuts 2019

4. Bob Haircut for Women

Modern and attractive bob cut for sexy ladies:

Short Haircuts for Women

5. Half Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Half bun hairdos, looks really adorable. Also you can try different hair colors like this for your lob:

Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

6. Natural Short Hair for Teenage Girl

The simplest way to deal with natural curly hair is to try short pixie cuts.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girl

7. Beautiful Hairstyle

A great updo example for Bob haircuts:

Beautiful Hairstyles for Short Hair

8. Long Pixie

The most popular choice of modern-looking ladies: long blonde pixie cut.

Long Pixie Cut 2020

9. Short Fine Hair

Bob cuts are the most beautiful haircuts to choose for fine hair. And you can get a great style with the side swept look.

Short Fine Haircuts 2020

10. Curly Lob

Curly lob styles are quite useful and stylish hairstyle.

Short Curly Haircuts 2020

11. Layered Long Pixie

Layered stylish pixie bob cut. Especially with unusual hair colors you can look pretty cool.

Short Layered Haircuts 2020

12. Side Bangs

A beautiful hair style for ladies who like casual styles. Simple short bob with side bangs:

Short Haircuts Bangs 2020

13. Copper Hair Color

It is a hair color that ladies with freckles should definitely prefer. Copper red colors. It is also quite compatible with bob cut hair.

Copper Short Haircuts 2020

14. Straight Long Bob

If you don’t like very short hair, long bob cuts are for you. Stylish look especially for straight fine hair type.

Short Straight Haircuts 2020

15. Neon Color

Thanks to Billie Eilish, neon colors have become quite trendy. With Bob cut hair you can look quite unusual and cute, thanks to this hair color.

Neon Short Haircuts 2020

16. Thick Curls

Thick Short Haircuts 2020

17. Cute Bob

Cute Short Haircuts 2020

18. Messy Look

Messy Short Haircuts 2020

19. Dark Blue Ombre

Blue Ombre Short Haircuts 2020

20. Fine Hair

Fine Short Haircuts 2020

21. Natural Pink Hair

Natural Short Haircuts 2020-21

22. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob Short Haircuts 2020-22

23. Inverted Cut

Inverted Short Haircuts 2020-23

24. Wavy Bob

Wavy Short Haircuts 2020-24

25. Short Haircut for Chubby Face

Short Haircuts 2020 for Chubby Face-25

26. Cute Naturally Hair

Short Naturally Haircuts 2020-26

27. Asymmetrical Haircut

Short Asymmetrical Haircuts 2020-27

28. Cute Color and Style

Short Haircuts 2020-28

29. Pink Colored Bob

Short Haircuts 2020-29

30. Fine Bob

Fine Bob Short Haircuts 2020-30

31. Blunt Cut

Short Blunt Haircuts 2020-31

32. Cute Colored Short Hair

Cute Colored Short Haircuts 2020-32

33. Simple Bob Style

Short Simple Bob Haircuts 2020-33

34. Bob with Copper Ombre

Short Haircuts 2020 Copper Ombre-34

35. Too Short Pixie

Short Pixiehaircuts 2020-35

36. Choppy Layers

Choppy Short Haircuts 2020-36

37. Thick Straight Hair

Short Haircuts 2020-37

38. Two Half Braids

Short Haircuts 2020-38

39. Blunt Bob with Bangs

Short Haircuts 2020-39

40. French Style Bob

Short Haircuts 2020-40


Short Haircuts 2020-41


Short Haircuts 2020-42


Short Haircuts 2020-43


Short Haircuts 2020-44


Short Haircuts 2020-45


Short Haircuts 2020-46


Short Haircuts 2020-47


Short Haircuts 2020-48


Short Haircuts 2020-49


Short Haircuts 2020-50

In this gallery, we have listed the best short hairstyles for 2020 examples. If you want to browse more galleries, you can click here.

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