35 Long Bob Haircut Looks for Women

Those who are curious about the haircuts with the most advantage can take a look here. Long Bob Haircut is very useful for smart ladies who do not prefer very short or very long hair.

Modern and Stylish View

To discover the right haircut, it is necessary to make a few trials. However, let’s give you a few tips for the most suitable haircut for your face shape. For example, if your forehead is narrow, you can choose a bob cut instead of bangs. For example, inverted bob cuts will be quite suitable for you. Short graduated bob looks are quite suitable for business ladies.

1. Long Bob Haircut 2020

Long Bob Haircut

2. for Long Faces

Haircut Long In Front Short In Back

3. Simple Hairstyle

Long Bob Fine Hair

4. Straight with Balayage

Lob Haircut

5. Honey Brown Color

Long Bob Cut

6. Trending Hairstyle

Trending Long Bob Cut-6

7. for Thick Hair

Long Bob Cut for Thick Hair-7

8. Bronde Highlights

Bronde Long Bob Cut-8

9. Balayage Idea

Long Bob Balayage Cut-9

10. Blunt Cut

Long Bob Blunt Cut-10

11. Natural Look

Natural Long Bob Cut-11

12. with Bangs

Long Bob Cut with Bangs-12

13. Chic Hairstyle

Chic Long Bob Cut-13

14. for Thin Hair

Long Bob Cut for Thin Hair-14

15. Caramel Highlights

Caramel Long Bob Cut-15

16. Easy To Style

Easy Long Bob Cut-16

17. Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length Long Bob Cut-17

18. Brown Hair

Brown Long Bob Cut-18

19. Medium Haircut

Medium Long Bob Cut-19

20. Tousled Style

Tousled Long Bob Cut-20

21. Stylish Look

Stylish Long Bob Cut-21

22. Angled Bob

Angled Long Bob Cut-22

23. 2020 Trend

Long Bob Cut 2020-23

24. Cute Haircut

Cute Long Bob Cut-24

25. Straight Hair

Straight Long Bob Cut-25

26. Layered Lob

Layered Long Bob Cut-26

27. Shaggy Style

Shaggy Long Bob Cut-27

28. Trendy In 2020

Trendy Long Bob Cut-28

29. Wavy Hair

Wavy Long Bob Cut-29

30. Mushroom Blonde

Mushroom Blonde Long Bob Cut-30


Long Bob Cut-31


Long Bob Cut-32


Long Bob Cut-33


Long Bob Cut-34


Long Bob Cut-35

In this gallery, we reviewed the latest Long Bob Haircut ideas with 35 cool examples. If you are looking for a new haircut, you should examine these ideas. Every lady who doesn’t like too short looks should try bob cuts once in a lifetime. You can click here for more bob haircuts.

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