25 Long Pixie Cut Styles That Fit Every Face Shape

Here we offer you the perfect short haircut preferred by stylish ladies: Long pixie cut styles. As everyone knows, modern ladies are now turning to short hair. Boyish haircuts not only for boys anymore 🙂
You should try very short hair at least once in your life. When you have this comfort, you can no longer give up. Especially long pixie cuts, including rounded face shape, can adapt to many face types.  Especially by adding layers you can look quite attractive and pretty. Let’s examine these haircuts.

1. Long Pixie Style

A very attractive and modern long pixie cut. Messy look and asymmetric layers make her blond hair look totally great.

Long Pixie Styles

2. Thick Long Pixie Cut Style

If you have thick hair, short hair can be a wise choice. Especially if you are tired of dealing with long hair, such a low-maintenance hairstyle is for you!

Long Pixie Cut Styles

3. Best Long Pixie Cut

Another alternative to long pixie hair is that you can add highlights as here. A nice and charming detail for short hair.

Best Long Pixie Cuts


4. Wavy Long Layered Pixie Style

Long Layered Pixie Styles

5. Cute Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Cute Long Pixie Cuts

6. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Long Pixie Cut Styles with Long Bangs-6

7. Thick Blonde Hair Pixie

Long Pixie Cut Styles Thick Blonde Hair-7

8. Fine Hair

Fine Hair Long Pixie Cut Styles-8

9. White Blonde

White Blonde Long Pixie Cut Styles-9

10. Hair Dye Light Blue

Long Pixie Cut Styles Light Blue-10

11. Thick Bangs

Long Pixie Cut Thick Bangs Styles-11

12. Layered Long Bangs

Layered Long Bangs Pixie Cut Styles-12

13. Choppy Layered Cut

Long Choppy Pixie Cut Styles-13

14. Haircut for Girls

Long Pixie Cut Styles for Girls-14

15. Light Brown Hair Colour

Light Brown Long Pixie Cut Styles-15

16. Long Pixie for Over 40

Long Pixie Cut Styles for Over 40-16

17. Modern Hair Style

Modern Long Pixie Cut Styles-17

18. Back View of Pixie

Long Pixie Cut Styles Back View-18

19. Messy Style

Messy Long Pixie Cut Styles-19

20. Ashy Hair Color Idea

Ash Long Pixie Cut Styles-20

21. Cute Haircut

Cute Long Pixie Cut Styles-21

22. Thick Straight Hair

Thick Straight Hairlong Pixie Cut Styles-22

23. Bowl Pixie Cut

Long Bowl Pixie Cut Styles-23

24. Thick Pixie Back View

Long Pixie Cut Styles Back View-24

25. Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides Long Pixie Cut Styles-25

Here we looked at the most beautiful long pixie cut styles. If you want to see examples other than pixie cuts, why not check out the examples of bob cuts? If it is ok, you can review it by clicking here.

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