20 Cute Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair That Are Perfect

Hairstyles for medium short hair can provide both style and versatility for women with shoulder length or slightly shorter hair. Medium short hair lengths fall right around the chin to shoulder area and offer a variety of looks depending on how the hair is cut and styled. Having medium short hair opens up many options for both casual everyday styles as well as more polished looks perfect for work or special occasions. There are lots of classic medium short haircuts that never go out of style along with on-trend cuts to help any medium short hair look fashionable.

No matter the particular hairstyle chosen, styling products are key for medium short hairstyles to help achieve different looks. For relaxed styles, a light hold cream or gel can smooth flyaways and add shine. Short to medium short hair meant to have more movement or waves will benefit from mousses, sea sprays or texture lotions. To combat oiliness or refresh hair between washes, dry shampoos are quite useful for many medium short hairstyles. Hot tools are not entirely necessary for medium short hairstyles but can help get a polished look whether it be soft curls, flicks at the ends or smooth straight hair if desired.

Without further ado, here’s our collection of 20 hairstyles for medium short hair that are perfect for you!

1. Medium Short Haircut

Whether keeping hair straight and sleek or adding texture and movement, medium short hairstyles can easily be dressed up or down to suit any mood or activity.

Medium Short Haircuts

2. Straight Bob

Layered cuts tend to work particularly well for medium short hair, adding fullness, movement and dimension without much extra length. Face-framing layers help draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones while longer layers around the crown add volume.

Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair

3. Angled Hairstyle

Depending on texture and thickness, other great hairstyles for medium short hair include choppy cuts with short bangs, long bobs hitting just below the chin, and shags with lots of personality.

Short To Medium Length Hairstyles


4. Shaggy Hair

Mid Short Haircuts

5. Ash Brown

Short To Medium Hairstyles 2023

6. Inverted Bob

Inverted Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-6

7. Stacked Cut

Stacked Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-7

8. Easy To Manage

Easy Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-8

9. with Bangs

Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair with Bangs-9

10. for Older Women

Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair for Older Women-10

11. Cute Hairstyle

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-11

12. Blonde Hair

Hairstyles for Medium Short Blonde Hair-12

13. Red Hair Color Idea

Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair Color Idea-13

14. Long Pixie

Pixie cuts are another option for very short medium hairstyles that require little styling but make a bold statement.

Pixie Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-14

15. Popular Cut

Popular Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-15

16. Shoulder Length

Hairstyles for Medium Length Short Hair-16

17. Layered Haircut

Layered Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-17

18. Wavy Caramel Highlights

Wavy Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-18

19. Choppy Style

Choppy Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-19

20. Medium Bob

Bob Hairstyles for Medium Short Hair-20

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